Big Quiet Smile

In my first few months working as a hypnotherapist here on Maui I've been heartened and amazed to see the power of hypnotherapy.  Most of the time a client comes out of their session with a big, quiet smile on their face–the kind of smile that says, “I just found the best thing ever, and even better–it comes from me,  just the way I most want it, and is mine forever.”

This is my personal experience of hypnotherapy too–finding the answers inside myself, answers that are so truthful and good and make so much sense to me, that I smile really big for a long time. It's the kind of experience that is cheapened by putting it into words, so I will stop trying. Only to say, that I see this look on my clients faces and I feel heartfelt gladness.

I notice that when we work with our deepest wisdom in this way–exploring beneath and beyond our conscious mind–we can make changes that translate into action that comes so easily and naturally in our daily lives. Suddenly good things happen without even trying, we can just trust our subconscious, and what we want just flows. It's really something.

Kind wishes,
Here’s to exploring our potential.


 Listening to guided imagery in the hammock

Listening to guided imagery in the hammock