Sweet Dreams Workshop lunchtime today in Kihei

Very excited about our Sweet Dreams Sleep workshop today! Wanting to give folks lots of different tools for getting great natural sleep. There'll be practical tips and tricks, a low down on supplements, some herbal sleep tea (that REALLY works), aromatherapy (that goes in your goodie bag too), and some snooze-it-up-big-time hypnotherapy guided imagery (that of course you get to have and listen to forever).

I made new guided imagery especially for the Workshop, and put some cozy music underneath it from UK hypnotherapy music guru, Silencio. It has the sound of rain gently falling (one of the best ways to go to sleep ever, I reckon) along with some binaural delta beats for dropping you even deeper into healing rest. Have been testing it out on myself this week and sleeping sooooo deeply.

Look forward to seeing all of our participants today!
If you wanna sign up, please go to our workshops page. There's still a few spots left and couple of spare blankets and pillows! 

Kind wishes and aloha,