Want to want to eat healthy?

Recently a few clients have requested help with eating more choicefully, especially around sugar. I realize that I know quite a lot about this from experience. A decade ago I was eating cheeseburgers, pastries and drinking beer for breakfast, hard out. Eventually I got really sick. It's taken me a long time to restore my health, and work out how live healthfully on a daily basis in a relaxed, light, easy way. Along the way, I've tried pretty much every crazy diet out there, looking for something that truly works.

What I discovered works for me best is staying connected with that joyful, light, natural, healthy good feeling inside me as much as possible, and letting that guide me. It was hard at first, coz there were lots of other voices drowning out the quieter voice of that natural, healthy feeling. Like habits around eating, needs for comfort, physical cravings, all that. But after a while the noise died down and I just got to hear myself clearer and clearer, started to take better and better care of myself, and feel really good mosta the time.

If you stop for a moment now, and tune into your inner self, can you remember a time when you felt really healthy and strong? When you felt your own natural vitality and life energy very clearly?
What does it feel like?
What would it be like to live in even more contact with this good healthy feeling, as you navigate your day, and make choices about what supports you?

Yeah, so that's what we'd do in hypnotherapy. I support my clients to connect into their own good, healthy, joyful feelings and life energy, so that they can more and more easily tune into it, hear it and let it guide them as they navigate the world, and make choices, including food choices.  Once I saw a client I worked with walking down the street a month after our session, and I didn't even recognize her, that's how much healthier she appeared! Sometimes the work happens fast, but committing to six sessions is great because it gives us time to go deep if we want to, and really untangle things. Food can be complicated, right?

Hypnotherapy helps you connect with the healthy, energetic you inside,
so you naturally want to make healthy choices.
It can support profound, lasting change and good health.
6 sessions, $290. Ph 808 276 4911
**avoiding sugar a speciality**
Wild Intelligence Hypnotherapy, Kihei, Maui.
Phone and skype sessions available.