Guided Imagery for Deep, Restful Sleep


Want a little help getting to sleep? Like to take an afternoon nap and want to make it as restorative as possible? Sometimes wake in the night feeling anxious?
     We've got some new guided imagery here for sleep that has been road-tested by my Mum. She says that she sleeps so deep, like a bag of rocks, and wakes up not being able to remember who or where she is, feeling really refreshed.
      There are three mixes to choose from (or get all three for a tenner), including two with the latest, coolest thing in hynpotherapy–binaural waves. These play different sounds in each ear and are designed to support the brain to move into various states. Our sleep guided imagery uses the delta waves–the brainwaves associated with the deepest state of healing rest. You can listen to samples of the tracks here. 
Bring on the zzzzzzzz's!