Healing Injury

Gotta chronic injury that isn't healing?
Ignoring or pushing through pain because you're tired of being injured?

Want to speed up your healing?
Got surgery coming up and want heal optimally and easily?

How you think about an injury can have a really profound effect on how it heals. This gentle, hypnotherapeutic technique supports you to think about the injury in a way that will best engage your body's healing resources.  Your body has a powerful ability to heal quickly and effortlessly.  I help my clients lovingly move through any ideas that have been blocking their full, natural healing.  Sessions are 50 minutes long, and involve light conversational trance.

A client says, "My healing turned a corner after our session."
Another says, "It was a life-changing session."
And another, "My knee hasn't bothered me since we did that work."

"I had an injury that wasn't healing as fast as I would have liked.  Rachel mentioned she has a great healing method so I gave it a try.  The session was amazing!  I felt so safe and comfortable the whole time we worked together.  She was really easy to open up to and was completely genuine.  There was no judgment, just comfort. Rachel's method helped me uncover underlying issues from my past that were unknowingly sabotaging my recovery.  It was amazing to learn how many negative subconscious connections I made regarding my injury.  It was not only a physically healing session but an emotionally healing one, too!  Thanks Rachel!
Patti Sabla, Live Life Better, Kihei.