Easing Anxiety

Feeling anxious?
Stressed out?
Low on gas
Going through a challenging experience?
Want some real relief and support?

I help people with stressful lives reconnect with their natural ease, peace and creativity. Clients report feeling more freedom, happiness and a "full tank of gas" to use to manage whatever comes along.  Further, clients take home effective tools to manage stress and worry, sleep deeply, and return to feeling easy, resourceful and strong whenever they wish.  (Supporting cancer-patients and those with PTSD a specialty.)

A client says, "I find myself being able to handle my anxieties and fears with much more grace"

Another says, "Lots of times I drifted off to sleep before the guided imagery had ended, and this sleep was so deep and peaceful that I was thoroughly refreshed when I woke four or five hours later for a bathroom visit. Then back to sleep again until morning when I found to my delight that I was ready to face whatever the new day had for me."