Support for Living with Cancer

Living with cancer? Feeling stressed and anxious? Overwhelmed? Head swimming with appointment times, treatments and medications, while you try to stay calm in a sea of annoying but well-meaning advice and intrusive medical procedures.  Having surgery? Chemotherapy? Lost your hair? Trying to manage the concern of family and friends? Trying to work out what to eat but can't be bothered cooking? Frightened? Cancer diagnosis and treatment can be incredibly stressful, challenging, painful and overwhelming.

Gentle hypnotherapy helps you relax, sleep well, manage worry, andreturn your peaceful, comfortable, easy places, so you can have more energy to navigate what's going on.  It is a gentle and very supportive tool that canoffer immense help and comfort to cancer patients.

House calls available.

"Having  been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer was terrifying. My mind was obsessed  with treatments, times, what to do, who to tell. My whole spirit and body seemed to shut down and depression weighed my heart down too. I was silent for about two weeks, distancing myself from my friends and family. I needed to reconstruct myself somehow and get out of the downward spiral of negativism. One by one, I told my closest friends, those who would support me and not gossip about me. This worked during the daytime, but what about going to bed and trying to calm myself to sleep? Music was ok, but my mind kept wandering, books were not so good, as I couldn't empathize with what seemed to be trivial plot lines. Then I discovered hypnotherapy with Rachel. She made me some guided imagery for sleep and took my ipad to bed, turned off the lights, made myself comfortable, and listened to her talking me through the visualization, calming my body from the soles of my feet to the tip of my head. Lots of times I drifted off to sleep before the session had ended, and this sleep was so deep and peaceful that I was thoroughly refreshed when I woke four or five hours later for a bathroom visit. Then back to sleep again until morning when I found to my delight that I was ready to face whatever the new day had for me. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone with sleep or anxiety issues. It calms both your body and mind, and doing it regularly gives you a great foundation to navigate the road that your body seems to have chosen for you."
Anonymous, New Zealand.